nD Optimizes Energy Market Bids With Generative AI

nDimensional is applying the transformational AI techniques made famous by ChatGPT to optimize energy market bidding. nDimensional’s GenAI-based bid optimizer is being used by a New York quant fund to optimize daily arbitrage trades between day ahead and real time electricity markets. A generative pretrained transformer (GPT) model was trained on vast quantities of data […]

PSM Launches New Gas Turbine Digital Twin Product Powered By nD

PSM announced the beta launch of a new, nD-powered gas turbine digital twin product at its 2023 Asset Managers Conference. Data Insights makes it easy for PSM and its customers to navigate vast quantities of plant data and analysis to quickly see which gas turbines need attention and diagnose why. This sponsors faster, more collaborative problem solving, and improves many critical aspects of GT operations.

nD Customer Wins Best of Show Awards

Congratulations to Zixi for winning TV Tech’s and TVB Europe’s Best of Show Awards at IBC 2023 for its Software Defined Video Platform. IBC is a leading content and technology event for the global media, entertainment and technology industry. In 2023, it featured over 43,000 attendees from 170 countries. TV Tech’s Best of Show awards […]

nD Platform Selected by New ASME-Black & Veatch Business, Twinify Technologies

Boston, MA (May 12, 2022) – nDimensional Inc. is excited to announce its role as digital twin platform provider for Twinify Technologies, a new joint venture between The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Black & Veatch with the mission of helping asset-intensive industries achieve the full potential of the industrial digital revolution. Twinify […]

nD Customer, Zixi, Uses AI to Improve Transport of Streaming Data

nDimensional’s customer, Zixi, the global leader in broadcast-quality live video over IP, shares how it uses AI / ML to improve the transport of streaming data. Zixi uses AI to monitor streaming data and provide alerts and adjustments in the event of signal degradation. “We use AI/ML in two areas: video transport and video content […]

Blog: How Digital Twins Bridge the Gap Between AI and Business Value at Scale

By Curt Lefebvre, CEO, nDimensional I recently delivered a presentation to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Industry Advisory Board about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital twins, two digital transformation hot topics about which ASME advises its members. The topic was especially timely against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, with organizations recognizing more […]

Why You Need A Digital Twin Platform And What To Look For

By Curt Lefebvre, Founding Director and CEO, nDimensional The promise of digital twins is huge but implementing them at scale is hard. Asset-intensive enterprises have thousands of physical assets and business processes. Each has many data sources and digital twin use cases. Each twin consists of multiple models, which require frequent updates. And discrete twins […]