Operationalizing Next-Gen AI

Meet our technology platform, nD. nD integrates the best-in-class technologies needed to build, deploy, operate, and maintain next-gen AI applications at any scale. nD delivers custom web-based applications that combine the best of human and artificial intelligence to solve mission-critical business challenges.

Next-Gen AI

Leverages the most advanced AI technologies including generative AI and reinforcement learning.

Custom Domain Expertise

Incorporates industry- and client-specific business knowledge.

Unlimited Scalability

Powers live, high-performance big data and big math applications.

Ready to optimize your business decisions?

Next-gen AI, next-level outcomes

The nD platform integrates the most advanced, trusted opensource AI / ML modeling technologies, including game-changing Generative AI (GenAI) and Reinforcement Learning (RL) technologies. We use this next-gen AI duo to learn the meaning behind complex system dynamics and then ask: “of all actions that could be taken, which sequence will result in the best future business return?“ This approach is:

  • Ultra powerful: Solves business challenges of unprecedented complexity and dimensionality.
  • Outcome oriented: Automatically explores all options and then exploits key learnings to form optimal decision-making policies.
  • Data driven: Learns not just from historical data, but also from human experience and domain knowledge.
  • Self improving: Continues to learn, explore, and recommend new actions in response to changing environments and key learnings.

Next-gen AI technologies

The use of AI to improve business decisions is not new, but several recent technological breakthroughs have been game changing:


Learn historical context with unlimited memory depth and clarity.


Learns from all available data without needing labels (unsupervised).

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Learns how to make decisions to maximize future returns.

nD building blocks

nD extends traditional AI capabilities with advanced AI to go beyond providing insights to driving optimal decisions and actions. The result is a powerful set of AI building blocks from which to construct unprecedented AI solutions, building blocks that allow us to:


Leverage data and sensors to track performance and detect anomalies and events.


Quickly classify the root cause of anomalies and events to expedite resolution.


Predict events and outcomes in advance to minimize issues and maximize opportunities.


Recommend outcome-focused remedies for diagnosed or predicted issues.


Specify action sequences (or take actions) to maximize specific business rewards.

Dynamically Plan

Automatically and continuously explore all actions and learnings to form optimal policies.

Activating domain knowledge

AI-powered outcomes are only as good as the guidance given by domain experts. nDimensional knows AI and how to apply it. Our clients know their businesses and what they want to achieve. Working together, we develop applications that deliver the best mix of human and artificial intelligence to meet their specific needs. Our clients determine the future returns they want to optimize for and then leverage nD to rapidly codify their knowledge and combine it with AI to create powerful augmented intelligence solutions.

Scaling enterprise value

Digital applications often fail to scale because of the gap between tools that are good for ideation and prototyping and those that are good for live deployment and operation. The gap also makes applications difficult to update and maintain.

nD bridges the divide by bringing both capabilities together in one environment. nD creates a seamless transition from prototype to live production operation at scale. It provides a constant feedback loop between production operations and ideation. This makes it easy to test new ideas and to adapt and extend applications to increase their value delivery over time.

Managing technical complexity

Building, deploying, operating and maintaining systems of digital applications across multiple assets, processes and use cases is complex. It takes many technologies, from many companies, written in many languages, all working together in unison. And these technologies must evolve over time to preserve best-in-class capabilities – without interfering with production operations.

The nD platform seamlessly brings together an evolving portfolio of best-in-class technologies needed to manage AI-powered applications across their entire lifecycle. Domain experts use a high-level intuitive language to codify and deploy their knowledge on the nD platform, shielding them from the technical complexity of the underlying technologies. This approach is efficient, leading to rapid value creation. It is also futureproof; ensuring our clients' applications are not disrupted as underlying technologies evolve.