Solving Mission-Critical Challenges

We combine your proprietary domain knowledge with next-gen AI to create custom applications that transform business outcomes, solving your toughest operational, planning, and market challenges.






It's all about value

All too often, digital projects fail to deliver clear, quantifiable results. Delivering quantifiable value is our mission. Our top-down, outcome-oriented approach drives specific actions that deliver next-level business results. In fact, we start by calculating the return for your business decisions, and then train AI agents to generate actions that maximize future return. nD-powered applications:

Increase Reliability

Ensure Compliance

Improve Productivity

Improve Quality

Optimize Investments

Reduce O&M Costs

Reduce Pollution & GHGs

Reduce Risk

Conserve Resources

Increase Profitability

Improve Capacity & Yield

Increase Business Agility

Next-level operations

Most operational applications start with detailed, asset-specific models that provide insight into aspects of your operations. The challenge is how to operationalize these insights to create value. We start at the portfolio or system level to identify the key decisions with the greatest impact on your business, and then model policies for making these decisions. More detailed models get added only as they are needed to deliver greater ROI. We use this top-down, action-centric approach to deliver solutions such as:

  • Process optimization: Optimizes key business outcomes by adjusting operating setpoints while adhering to operational constraints.
  • Outage optimization: Predicts emerging issues, quantifies root causes, and recommends repair timing to optimize business results.
  • Supply chain optimization: Leverages asset and supplier knowledge to optimize your procurement strategy.

Dynamic planning

Like operations, planning is getting increasingly complex as industries face unprecedented change and volatility. Many more options need to be considered across increasingly-interdependent systems in rapidly-evolving business landscapes. Siloed, static plans are no longer sufficient.

Recent advances allow AI to learn from human domain expertise as well as data. Advanced AI can dynamically explore vast numbers of scenarios across massively-dimensional problem spaces to learn system-optimizing decision-making policies. Domain experts spend their time framing the problem, letting AI handle the complexity of solving it. nD powers advanced planning solutions such as:

  • Agile capital planning: Prioritizes investments to optimize spend vs. return over time. Dynamically updates plans for changing circumstances.
  • Business-driven O&M planning: Relates physical asset conditions to market, weather, and financial dynamics to make business-informed tactical decisions.
  • Portfolio transformation planning: Dynamically evaluates optimal asset portfolio compositions and stress tests them against a range of futures.

Advanced market positions

Today’s businesses are operating in increasingly-volatile markets. It is vital to gain a better understanding of market dynamics, such as demand, supply, pricing, congestion, weather, and regulations, and how they impact business outcomes. Next-gen AI can learn the dynamics of entire markets and how these market dynamics impact business outcomes. This market knowledge can then be used to learn optimal policies that maximize returns in dynamic market and customer settings. nD powers solutions such as:

  • Market bid optimization: Recommends optimal bids for entities that buy and sell into energy and commodities markets.
  • Market-driven operations: Recommends how to operate most effectively to ensure commercial commitments are met while balancing risk, cost, and reward.

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