Data-driven business value is our passion
We bet it’s yours too

Who we are

nDimensional is passionate about using digital twins and AI to extract recurring economic value from big data and IoT devices in real-time, or near real-time. Our team has been doing it for nearly thirty years. We help companies leverage all available data to gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on with their assets and processes. Insight is only the first step, however; to extract value insight must be turned into action. We partner with industry leaders to maximize the value of big data and IoT using AI-powered digital twins to deliver next-generation maintenance, performance and planning outcomes.


What we believe

Realizing the potential of big data and the IoT will require multi-disciplinary teams with diverse domain expertise to work together as never before. Technology advances are necessary to significantly enhance the broad collaboration required within these teams, but human intelligence alone is not enough. The sheer volume, velocity and variety of data makes AI an imperative. Organizations must bring together inductive and deductive reasoning from both humans and machines into operating decisions across the entire business value chain.

About our cloud platform

Cloud, big data and AI technologies are advancing at an unprecedented pace; driving businesses to either become disruptors... or get disrupted. The nD platform accelerates the incorporation of AI, big data and IoT solutions into products and services by helping companies apply a set of solution frameworks throughout the business value chain.  The nD Frameworks are combinable, customizable automated workflows which enable companies to rapidly design, develop and deploy industrial scale applications that drive business value from real-time data streams.

Proven technology

nDimensional technology is currently being used to optimize business and physical processes in real-time across numerous industries. Examples include financial market trading; optimizing the fuel efficiency, emissions and availability of electric power plants; detecting issues and determining root causes in monitoring and diagnostic centers; providing credit card fraud detection; bankruptcy prediction; authorizing radiology services for insurance companies; using satellite imagery for mapping forest changes and predicting sport injuries and player performance.

Our Partners

Today's competitive landscape around data science requires a multi-pronged approach, which is why nDimensional openly works with our technology partners to help enterprises accomplish extracting value from their data.