nD Customer, Zixi, Uses AI to Improve Transport of Streaming Data

nDimensional’s customer, Zixi, the global leader in broadcast-quality live video over IP, shares how it uses AI / ML to improve the transport of streaming data.

Zixi uses AI to monitor streaming data and provide alerts and adjustments in the event of signal degradation. “We use AI/ML in two areas: video transport and video content analysis,” said Andrew Broadstone, senior director of product management at Zixi. “Low-level protocol measurements, such as round-trip time, network congestion and retransmission rate, are used to determine link quality and to anticipate upcoming signal degradation.”

Broadstone said that Zixi’s IDP product uses tens of measurements collected every few seconds across all participants in a video workflow to determine what the company calls its “health score.” This health score lets IDP predict signal path quality and degradation.

“Zixi Health Score is the output of multiple models trained using gradient boosting across the entire Zixi data set with many months of data,” he added. “Zixi Health Score therefore is not a simple set of rules. However, it is typical to see the Health Score drop significantly when there is a sudden change in packet round-trip time, or if raw packet loss steadily increases.”

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