Aligning asset management systems with next-gen AI for optimal business outcomes

This blog post from GSS Consulting talks about how advanced AI, combined with agile, outcome-focused asset management processes, can transform how asset investment decisions get made. With next-gen AI, we can now optimize decisions by analyzing both the good and the bad of past decisions we did or did not make in terms of achieving optimal outcomes that minimize regret, avoid costly mistakes, and unlock maximum value. These advanced technologies are enabling a massive shift from siloed, bottom-up decision-making processes to enterprise scale, top-down, dynamic approaches.

Advanced asset management systems, according to Jack Dempsey of AMPs, allow for a broader range of choices in managing assets in diverse, evolving markets. Advanced AI, according to Curt Lefebvre of nDimensional, allows these asset management systems to explore a huge number of simulations across massively dimensional spaces to come up with optimal recommendations. The combination of asset domain expertise, advanced asset management systems/processes, and advanced AI, enables organizations to adapt to changing circumstances, make more informed investment decisions, and generate more value from their assets.