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Twins Accelerate Transformation. nD Accelerates Twins.

Industrial digital transformation is not possible without unlocking domain expertise from the heads of engineers and from static documents. The nD platform empowers domain experts to rapidly codify knowledge and activate content to create dynamic, high-value digital twins. nD-powered digital twins tirelessly monitor, diagnose, predict, prescribe and optimize industrial performance, reliability and sustainability.

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What are digital twins?

Digital Twins are dynamic virtual representations of assets, processes and enterprises. They are connected to live data streams to provide continuous awareness of how their real-world counterparts are performing so better decisions can be made. When infused with AI, digital twins also predict future events before they occur, prescribe improvement actions and optimize in real-time. These intelligent digital twins are improving industrial business outcomes and becoming key building blocks for digital transformation.

Earlier digital twins were detailed replicas of assets using physics-based models. Next-generation digital twins use AI to:

  1. Codify and continuously apply engineering models and expert knowledge.
  2. Fill knowledge gaps.
  3. Go beyond monitoring what’s happening to predicting what’s next, prescribing what to do and optimizing actions in real-time.
  4. Automate many of the processes around building, deploying, operating and maintaining digital twins so they can be used at scale for enterprise-wide benefits.

Why do digital twins need artificial intelligence (AI)?

Why a digital twin platform?

The promise of digital twins is huge but implementing them at scale is hard. Asset-intensive enterprises have thousands of physical assets and business processes. Each has many data sources and digital twin use cases. Each twin consists of multiple models, which require frequent updates. And twins must be integrated with each other and with other systems to realize their full potential. That requires an industrial-strength digital twin platform.

Customer spotlight

Corporate Headshot Business Portrait for Atonix Digital Black and Veatch in Overland Park. Kansas City Headshot Photographer Portrait and Commercial Photography | Kevin Ashley Photography
Quotation Mark

Black & Veatch has trusted the nD platform for years to help deliver AI-powered asset analytics solutions to utility and industrial clients. I look forward to continuing our collaboration at Twinify Technologies, as we move to accelerate the delivery of digital twin content and solutions that will help clients optimize the planning and operations of critical assets and processes.

Scott Stallard
CTO, Twinify Technologies


Let's get started!

nD is a platform-as-a-service for managing as many digital twins with as much AI as you need in a pay-for-use model. We make it easy to start delivering value with:

  • Turnkey twin applications: Need to get up and running quickly? Try nD's AI-powered Predictive Performance, Prescriptive Maintenance and Process Optimization applications. All you need is data.
  • Proof of concept pilots: Have a use case you want to test before scaling? Our Digital Twin Center of Excellence will help you get a production pilot up and running in 1-3 months. Rapidly expand into a production application that's built to scale.