Add AI to Your Products and Services

Go beyond understanding what is happening to why; predict what will happen next and how to change it. nDimensional empowers enterprises with AI to extract real-time business value from big data and IoT devices as an embedded component in their products and services.

Our product, nD, is a full stack application development Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that helps companies rapidly design, develop, deploy and operate AI, big data and IoT applications. We serve industries that need to leverage data to drive real-time actions that quantitatively improve business outcomes.


All Data. One Platform. For Everyone.

Driving business value requires leveraging all the data from disparate sources, which always starts out ugly and messy. With nD, data is integrated into a unified federated image on a single platform, in real-time or near real-time, allowing multidisciplinary teams to easily collaborate and leverage AI, big data and the IoT to rapidly drive impactful business outcomes.

All Data
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Extract big value.

Harness the value in big data by adding feedback loops to your decision-making processes. Organize, validate and leverage data of all shapes and sizes – from any source – streamed or batched. nD makes it easy to blend your data with shared, third party and public data to build applications that quantifiably improve business outcomes. Need a data lake, nD comes with that too.

Turning big data into valuable intelligence.

One Platform
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Seamless. Full-stack. Like it should be.

End-to-end data preparation, visualization, analytics, machine learning and production applications in a single platform-as-a-service. Powered by the cloud, nD’s cluster can seamlessly scale from self-service ideation to managed production applications used by your entire customer base. Want an on-premises server, not a problem, nD can do that too.

Power meets ease.

For Everyone
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Empower your experts.

Analytic collaboration fosters a rapid, iterative and experiment-driven culture. Leverage diverse team expertise to accelerate your journey from insight to action. nD empowers every member of your team with intuitive, code-free tools to help you institutionalize data-driven business processes. We need the data scientists too, however, so nD is fully extensible and you can code if you want to.

The ultimate data playground to support the cycle of discovery.

All Data

Data from any source can be accessed through nD’s directory, streamed through nD’s cluster and stored in the nD data lake, enabling lightning fast processing no matter how big your data nor how complex your analytics.

AI powered by nD

One Platform

Data preparation, visualization, analytics, modeling, optimization and application development in a single platform-as-a-service.

For Everyone

Empower every member of your team with intuitive, code-free, self-service tools to leverage data for rapid discovery and decision-making.

Production Pilot

Give us your most complex use case, and we'll prove it with a production pilot in 4-12 weeks.

Production applications:

  • Delivered in 6 months or less
  • With a payback less than 1 year
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