Optimizing Industrial Decisions

With Next-Gen AI


Industrial businesses provide goods and services that are central to human life, contribute trillions to our economy, and have an oversized impact on environmental and social sustainability. Faced with unprecedented climate, market, and technological volatility, they must transform their operations.

nDimensional uses next-gen AI to help industrial organizations augment and automate their complex, multi-dimensional decisions to meet these challenges. We partner with our customers to combine their domain knowledge with next-gen AI to deliver next-level sustainability, reliability, and economic outcomes..


Transforming complex decision making

Industrial operations, planning, and market decisions are often too complex for people to navigate alone. Analytic tools have previously lacked the power to tackle such massively-dimensional and data-intensive challenges. This has led to decisions being made in silos with limited context, where interdependencies and relevant data were largely ignored because we lacked the ability to consider them.

Recent advances in AI are transforming how industrial decisions get made. We can now solve business challenges of extreme complexity and dimensionality. Generative AI (GenAI) and Reinforcement Learning (RL) allow us to leverage real-world data and human expertise to gain a top-down understanding of entire systems, such as electricity generation and wholesale markets. They automatically explore all actions that could be taken and recommend real-time action sequences that will result in the best overall return. They continue to learn, explore, and recommend improved actions. This self-improving, data-driven approach is revolutionizing industrial business outcomes.

Why nDimensional?

We are pioneers at harnessing data, domain knowledge and AI to optimize industrial business decisions. Our team has been doing it for more than 25 years, continuously evolving to take advantage of the most powerful technologies to address the most mission-critical issues. We believe that recent advances in AI will be disruptive for every industry and have created a SaaS platform to help companies accelerate competitive advantage. The nD platform enables us to build, operate, and manage custom AI applications at industrial scale. We also help companies bridge their knowledge gaps to fully exploit the power of these new tools. We engage with an agile, rapid-value approach that empowers our customers to convert initial successes into enterprise-wide transformation.

Ready to optimize your business decisions?

Partner spotlight

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Quotation Mark

I have trusted the nD platform for years to deliver AI-powered asset analytics solutions to utility and industrial clients – while at Black & Veatch, Atonix Digital, and Twinify Technologies. nDimensional continues to be an essential partner to GSS Consulting, bringing the advanced AI technology and expertise that enables us to deliver outcome-oriented asset management, dynamic planning, and performance management solutions to address complex industry challenges.

Scott Stallard
CEO, GSS Consulting


Value-oriented engagement model

We understand how difficult it is to change the way critical decisions get made, so we make it easy to get started with light Proof of Value (POV) applications to ensure buy in.

From there, we work agilely to enhance and expand into production-scale applications that continuously deliver greater value throughout your enterprise.