Aligning asset management systems with next-gen AI for optimal business outcomes

This blog post from GSS Consulting talks about how advanced AI, combined with agile, outcome-focused asset management processes, can transform how asset investment decisions get made. With next-gen AI, we can now optimize decisions by analyzing both the good and the bad of past decisions we did or did not make in terms of achieving […]

Revolutionary AI Technologies are Transforming Industrial Businesses

Recent technological breakthroughs in AI have the power to transform every aspect of business operations. This is particularly true for generative pretrained transformers (GPT) and reinforcement learning. Following is an overview of some of these breakthrough technologies and why they are so much more powerful than traditional AI approaches. Transformers: Having clear historical context for […]

nD Customer Wins Best of Show Awards

Congratulations to Zixi for winning TV Tech’s and TVB Europe’s Best of Show Awards at IBC 2023 for its Software Defined Video Platform. IBC is a leading content and technology event for the global media, entertainment and technology industry. In 2023, it featured over 43,000 attendees from 170 countries. TV Tech’s Best of Show awards […]

nD Optimizes Energy Market Bids With Generative AI

nDimensional is applying the transformational AI techniques made famous by ChatGPT to optimize energy market bidding. nDimensional’s GenAI-based bid optimizer is being used by a New York quant fund to optimize daily arbitrage trades between day ahead and real time electricity markets. A generative pretrained transformer (GPT) model was trained on vast quantities of data […]

How Digital Twins Bridge the Gap Between AI and Business Value at Scale

By Curt Lefebvre, CEO, nDimensional I recently delivered a presentation to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Industry Advisory Board about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital twins, two digital transformation hot topics about which ASME advises its members. The topic was especially timely, with organizations recognizing more than ever the criticality of digital technology […]

nD Customer, Zixi, Uses AI to Improve Transport of Streaming Data

nDimensional’s customer, Zixi, the global leader in broadcast-quality live video over IP, shares how it uses AI / ML to improve the transport of streaming data. Zixi uses AI to monitor streaming data and provide alerts and adjustments in the event of signal degradation. “We use AI/ML in two areas: video transport and video content […]

nD Featured in ASME’s IAB Meeting: Role of Digital Twins and AI in Digital Transformation

As part of its ongoing dialogue regarding digital transformation, the ASME Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting featured a presentation by IAB member Curt Lefebvre, the founder and CEO of the artificial intelligence (AI) digital twin company, nDimensional. During his talk, titled “Artificial Intelligence in the Real World: Scaling the Digital Twin for Industry,” Dr. Lefebvre […]