nD Platform Selected by ASME-Black & Veatch Business, Twinify Technologies

Boston, MA (May 12, 2022) – nDimensional Inc. is excited to announce its role as digital twin platform provider for Twinify Technologies, a new joint venture between The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Black & Veatch with the mission of helping asset-intensive industries achieve the full potential of the industrial digital revolution.

Twinify will help industry clients build, deploy and manage real-time digital twins and standards that address critical business issues such as improving infrastructure asset efficiency and responsiveness and reducing downtime. According to Marty Travers, executive director of Black & Veatch: “Twinify’s offerings combine ASME’s leadership in bringing standards, best practices, education and solutions to industry, with Black & Veatch’s proven ability to operationalize domain expertise and asset analytics to solve complex industry challenges.”

“nDimensional is thrilled to extend its long-term relationship with Black & Veatch to this exciting new venture that also capitalizes on the vast industry knowledge of ASME,” says Curt Lefebvre, CEO of nDimensional. “Digital transformation is not possible without unlocking the massive amounts of domain expertise in the heads of engineers and in static documents. Twinify will leverage our nD digital twin platform to codify that expertise and activate those documents to create dynamic, multipurpose digital content for state-of-the-art digital twins. The Twinify team has proven experience combining domain content, AI and visual experiences to create digital twins that deliver real-world value.”

“Twinify is excited to work with nDimensional to accelerate industrial transformation using our unique combination of digital technology, content and expertise,” says Peter Marino, CEO of Twinify Technologies.

“Black & Veatch has trusted the nD platform for years to help deliver AI-powered asset analytics solutions to utility and industrial clients,” says Twinify CTO, Scott Stallard, who formerly led multiple digital twin and data analytics practices at Black & Veatch. “I look forward to continuing our collaboration at Twinify, as we move to accelerate the delivery of digital twin content and solutions that will help clients optimize the planning and operations of critical assets and processes.”

About nDimensional

The nD platform democratizes digital twins by empowering industry domain experts to codify their knowledge into live digital twins that can be deployed anywhere, at any scale. nD-powered digital twins tirelessly monitor, diagnose, predict, prescribe and optimize assets and processes to improve the performance, reliability and sustainability of industrial operations.

About Twinify Technologies

Twinify Technologies is committed to building and delivering superior digital twin solutions for industrial clients, providing real time, value-driven, analytic insights from the asset level to the portfolio level. Drawing on the combined strengths of its founding partner companies, ASME and Black & Veatch, Twinify develops and deploys digital twin solutions that draw on deep domain knowledge and centuries of combined industrial expertise. Simultaneously, the company is transforming the static analog standards of the past into live, digital standards designed to achieve dramatic improvements for its clients.