Six ways to harness the value in data to quantifiably improve your business outcomes.

At the heart of most business decisions are estimates or predictions; some formed from intuition, some informed by data. Traditionally, developing and maintaining more rigorous prediction systems using all the data has been cost-prohibitive and often not possible with existing technologies. More robust predictions of operating events and business outcomes before they occur can be extremely valuable and transformational.  

nD simplifies the collection of big internal data and big external data, then leverages AI to improve or create the estimates and predictions that drive business decisions.

With robust predictions of operating events and business outcomes, it becomes possible to go beyond simply finding a way to improve them to actually optimizing them. Here interrelated decisions need to be balanced against their collective effect on the operating events and business outcomes; not only when you make them, but keeping track of the effect they have on future events and outcomes. Herein lies the truly transformational power of AI.

nD makes it possible for companies to optimize business decisions within operating constraints in real time or near real time.

Optimizing real-time business decisions can have a significant impact on operating margins.  With adaptive planning, the same techniques can be applied to managing the optionality associated with future business activities.  Traditionally, the sheer number of possible states has taken such planning solutions off the table for all but the most constrained scopes. With AI no decision space is too large, delivering a significant impact on a business’s capital efficiency.

nD allows your business domain experts to simulate the business impact of all potential future configurations to determine optimal planning policies.

Data is full of patterns produced by events in business operations.  Some events are anomalies that are rarely seen, and others are known and episodic.  Big data and streaming data have volumes and velocities too big to be processed manually.  It is essential to have a platform that can not just handle big data, messy data and streaming data, but monitor and identify operating events. Being able to react to events quickly or trigger actions in other systems, as they happen and even before they happen, can have significant enterprise value. 

nD makes it easy to detect anomalies and key events in real-time data streams, and big data batches, in order to take action and avoid costly disruptions or losses.

Once an operating event is detected, the amount of enterprise value gained depends on how quickly its root cause – and therefore remediating action – can be determined.  Some events have a singular and obvious cause, while others require further analysis. Performing this analysis by hand is time-consuming, expensive and often not even possible.  Frequently, the root cause is not identified in time for remediation.

nD is able to quantify the probability of potential root causes for key events in real-time, no matter the volume, velocity or format of data, directly from data streams from any source to significantly enhance the value of products and services.

nD is a platform that allows for the rapid design, development, deployment and operation of AI, big data and IoT applications at industrial scale.  Custom applications can be built by either leveraging nD Frameworks or by extending nD Objects as building blocks to deliver transformational applications that solve the most complex business challenges.   

Everything in nD is built from the same collection of nD Objects by using either the nD Frameworks, nD Studio and/or nD APIs.  nD Objects can be used to build custom AI, big data and IoT solutions and applications.