Meet nD

Put Data Behind Every Decision
All Data, One Platform, For Everyone


Data comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s rarely pretty.

  • Self-service data sitting in spreadsheets and files.
  • On-premises data locked in databases and big data stores.
  • Web data behind REST services and API calls.
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) data streaming real-time from devices.

nD makes it easy to access, validate, structure, index and organize data from any source.


The data-driven decision development process is inherently iterative and experiment-driven, where

  • preparation,
  • visualization,
  • analytics, and
  • decisions

are inseparable.

nD lets you move from data discovery to advanced analytics and machine learning to production applications on a single platform.


Collaboration between groups is paramount.

  • Business domain experts on the front lines identifying problems and prototyping new solutions.
  • Data scientists adding the discipline required to embed data-driven decisions in production applications.
  • Application developers embedding these solutions into your company’s internal tools and proprietary products.

nD is as easy to use as self-serve visualization tools, as powerful as advanced analytics and machine learning tools and as industrial-strength as IoT platforms.