Live Video Over IP Digital Twins

Situation:  Zixi is a global leader in the delivery of broadcast quality live video over IP. Its ZEN Master software platform is used by over 700 media customers to source, manage and distribute live events and video channels over the internet.

Livestream video consumers demand broadcast-quality viewing experiences. However, issues during the transport of packets between video sources and destinations can result in video quality degradation, video stream failures and other negative events. Zixi collects over three billion telemetry statistics every day. So, analyzing data to predict when these events are likely to occur is a massive challenge.

Solution: Zixi’s Intelligent Data Platform (IDP), powered by nD, uses advanced analytics, AI and digital twins to quickly extract insights from vast amounts of stream data. It uses nD predictive models to provide live health scores along with the factors impacting health. These models provide early warnings that events like stream failures and content quality issues are likely to occur. The IDP also uses anomaly detection and smart alerting to inform users about deviations from normal behavior. This helps them quickly pinpoint and diagnose issues. Zixi’s IDP provides the transparency and control needed to ensure reliable operations. Find out more here.