Gas Turbine Digital Twins

Situation: PSM is a leading global aftermarket service provider for gas turbine power plants. They provide long-term agreements (LTA’s) to maintain reliable operations of their customers’ gas turbines (GT’s) after OEM warranties expire. As part of that service, they operate 24x7 Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) Centers that monitor for, detect and diagnose issues across dozens of GT’s.

PSM sought to expand its leading M&D service to: 1. focus on more types of issues, 2. become more proactive in diagnosing and resolving issues, 3. give their customers direct access to live data insights with a new customer-facing product.

Solution: PSM is using nD to extend its M&D services to provide broader, more accessible and more actionable intelligence. They’ve combined their domain expertise with nD AI to create live equipment, engine and fleet digital twins that improve performance, emissions and reliability risk.

nD was also used to develop a new PSM customer application, Data Insights. Data Insights makes it easy for PSM and its  customers to navigate vast quantities of data and analysis to quickly see what needs attention and diagnose why. Data Insights continuously benchmarks the health of each engine relative to itself and to the PSM fleet. It aggregates many normalized key performance indicators (KPIs) to create thermal performance, reliability risk and emissions health scores. This allows PSM and its customers to quickly understand what engines are deviating from expectation, in what health category and for which KPIs. It then enables them drill into the digital twin for that engine to demystify and diagnose using contextualized, domain expert-curated visual analytics. This sponsors faster, more collaborative problem solving, and improves many critical aspects of customer operations.