Democratizing Digital Twins

The transformational potential of digital twins will never be realized if their creation and application rely solely on data and computer scientists. Their power must also be put in the hands of domain experts who can extract business value. The

digital twin platform empowers domain experts to codify critical content, package it with AI, and apply it with ease and speed to deliver real-world value.

Empowering Content Creation

Speed To Value

Industrial digital transformation is not possible without unlocking the massive amounts of knowledge from the heads of domain experts and from static documents. The nD digital twin platform empowers domain experts to codify knowledge and activate documents to create dynamic, multipurpose digital content for state-of-the-art digital twins. With nD, you can:

  • Digitize any math
  • Build no-code analyses, ML models, visuals, and dynamic data-driven stories
  • Package it all into production-ready digital twins and applications
  • That focus on delivering business value
  • Without requiring computer or data scientists.

Scaling Content Application 

Unlocking critical content is key, but to deliver value, digital twins must operate at production scale on live data streams. And their content must be easy to reuse, adapt, extend and integrate to ensure value endures and grows over time. With nD, digital content and twins are:

  • Composable for use in many applications
  • Connectable to other content, twins and systems of twins
  • Seamlessly deployable on live data streams
  • AI powered to tirelessly seek business value
  • Auto-scalable across same-class assets
  • Embeddable in other platforms and applications
  • Convertible to other environments and languages
  • Easily adaptable and maintainable.
Value At Scale

Managing Lifecycle Complexity

Hand moving pawn on a conceptual labyrinth. Shortcut from point A to B or career guidance concept. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background.
Ease Of Use

Building, deploying, operating and maintaining systems of live digital twins across multiple assets, processes and use cases is complex. It takes many technologies, from many companies, written in many languages, all working together in unison. And these technologies must evolve over time to preserve best-in-class capabilities – without interfering with production operations. The nD platform seamlessly brings together the technical capabilities needed to manage digital twins across their entire lifecycle, in an intuitive user experience. nD:

  • Leverages an evolving portfolio of best-in-class technologies to power the full digital twin lifecycle
  • Using a futureproof design that prevents disruption when underlying technologies change
  • And shields you from technical complexity
  • With a single domain-expert intuitive language
  • That commands the actions of all underlying technologies
  • So you can focus on what’s important – delivering value.

Ready to optimize your business decisions?

Find out more about how nD adds intelligence and automation across the full digital twin lifecycle to manage complexity and     empower domain experts to deliver rapid business results.


With nD, create discrete digital twins, integrated systems of digital twins, and standard twin classes for rapid replication. Connect to and validate data sets, build and integrate models of any type, and define use cases and KPIs.

  • Auto contextualize and visualize data
  • Create standard twin classes using structured templates
  • Codify institutional knowledge
  • Rapidly prototype use cases with automated machine learning (ML) frameworks
  • Integrate engineering, physics-based and ML models


Take your twins live, seamlessly moving from prototype to production application. Let nD’s automated workflows do the heavy lifting to instantiate new twins, apply new insights on live streams, and ensure your digital twins work tirelessly to solve your toughest business problems.

  • Publish twins to real-time data streams
  • Auto-instantiate twins using standard classes
  • Deploy turnkey performance, maintenance and optimization applications
  • Auto-align, validate, and apply new data


Transparency is the name of the game with the nD Portal, a visual way to interact with your digital twins and their key performance indicators (KPIs) as they're operating. Aggregate, filter, benchmark, visualize and explore how your twins are operating across time, place, state and status.

  • Continuously monitor, diagnose, predict, prescribe and optimize
  • Track twin operating status, state, performance, health, and issues
  • Aggregate and filter by twin class, status, health, and location
  • Visualize anomalies, issues, diagnostics, and optimizations
  • Run "What-if" simulations and scenarios


Keep your digital twins, and all their classes, versions and models, up to date and producing trusted outcomes with nD.

  • Version control engineering models
  • Continuous learning AI models
  • Release standard class changes to all relevant twins
  • Control new releases with alpha and beta testing