Swytch powered by nD

The Swytch cryptocurrency ecosystem creates a global vehicle to deploy distributed resources directly into markets where renewables can yield the highest economic and fossil fuel replacement impact. Swytch’s platform design encourages rational investments specifically in areas where carbon emissions are high and power generation is low.  

Swytch rewards investments (rooftop solar, distributed utility solar, large-scale grid-scale solar projects, wind projects, storage systems, etc.) with crypto tokens that are issued through a blockchain. The Swytch token is a cryptocurrency that serves as an additional incentive for clean energy producers and fills a gap in today’s market for verified renewable energy consumption.  Swytch token allocations will be determined by an Oracle - powered by nD.

The Swytch ecosystem needed a mechanism to consume and apply AI and advanced analytics on disparate data sources and IoT devices spread across the globe.  To achieve this, Swytch selected the nD platform to power the adaptive Oracle that creates dynamic incentives of tokens.  All of the relevant and essential data is collected and streamed through the nD platform where engineering principles are applied to determine the value and allocate tokens.  The Oracle estimates the thermal displacement value of renewable assets and utilizes AI to continuously improve the accuracy of these estimates as the Swytch economy grows.