Electric Power Plant Predictive Maintenance

nD Frameworks



nDimensional technology is used by leading engineering, consulting and construction companies to automate and increase the scale of asset management services, particularly the monitoring of assets in real-time. Monitoring and diagnostics centers can extend the life of aging infrastructure as well as operate new assets optimally. Across all assets, M&D centers can reduce risk, avoid catastrophic failures, optimize capital spending, optimize maintenance and improve compliance productivity. Managing assets in a deliberate, strategic and condition-based way to reduce operational costs and increases production, maintenance and capital investment efficiency.

Solution: To expand and capitalize on asset management and aftermarket services, monitoring and diagnostics centers are being built and powered by nD.  nD machine learning technology is used to create and manage hundreds of thousands of models of asset operating parameters. These models are then used with real-time streaming sensor data to provide 24/7 monitoring to a variety of customers with varying asset types and locations. To date, a wide variety of emerging hardware and operational issues have been detected early, providing hundreds of millions of dollars in recurring economic value.