Black & Veatch powered by nD

Black & Veatch (B&V), a global leader in engineering, procurement and construction services, began expanding their offerings by integrating advanced analytics to complement their service offerings in the energy, water and telecommunications industries.  Given the massive amount of client data, they turned to nD to help them design, develop, deploy and operate several operational intelligence and adaptive planning solutions.  From west coast ports and light rail operations to east coast water and electric meters as well as a massive Hawaiian islands adaptive planning project, B&V’s projects were flush with big data and IoT devices, providing an opportunity to leverage nD’s capabilities to deliver valuable solutions for complex business challenges - at scale.

Armed with new analytic capabilities, B&V continued developing more high-value software solutions to complement their services.  These solutions started leveraging not just big data, but streaming data. Quickly, as they began rebuilding similar products for different client solutions, they recognized the need to standardize their delivery mechanism.  To create a structure for their offerings, the first generation of ASSET360® was developed.  

Leaders of the operational intelligence and adaptive planning teams knew they could drive even more value by applying AI to their power, water and asset management solutions. B&V transformed and expanded their services business to include an AI Center of Excellence, powered by nD.  Now powered with an intelligent platform capable of handling all of the clients’ data as well as third-party data integration and edge processing, B&V is pursuing its digital technology transformation to customer service, operating more efficiently and improving their bottom line.