Atonix Digital powered by nD

Atonix Digital develops and offers a portfolio of products that help simplify asset management by putting data to work – to optimize performance, improve reliability and efficiency, detect emerging risks and provide an easily justifiable return on your investment.

Its creation is the culmination of Black & Veatch successfully integrating advanced analytic solutions into their services offerings. Black & Veatch recognized that the value of domain-specific advanced analytics reached well beyond their EPC service offerings and clients. To capitalize on this value, Atonix Digital was created as a software subsidiary to provide asset performance management products powered by its ASSET360 platform – also powered by nD.

ASSET360 is a cloud-based data analytics platform that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and planning for complex and distributed assets. Purpose-developed to serve the needs of owners and operators of complex infrastructures such as power generation and distribution systems, water utilities and industrial assets. Atonix Digital customers leverage the products through the asset life-cycle - including design, construction and operation phases - to improve ROI, reduce risk and improve decision-making.

ASSET360 delivers powerful technology and valuable data analysis to enable businesses to remain nimble, efficient and competitive. Products include:

  • Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Performance Analysis
  • Program Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Investment Planning

Atonix Digital serves asset-intensive industries rich with data - making scale and continuous seamless integration essential. In order to design, develop, deliver and operate such offerings, the flexibility, scalability, ease of use and adaptability to any industry makes nD the perfect technology to power the robust and dynamic ASSET360 platform.