The nD Platform

Smart, connected products and services require a new architecture that is able to leverage AI, big data and the IoT.

Whether building a new product or integrating into an existing product or service, nDimensional provides a comprehensive full stack platform, nD, to design, develop, deploy and operate industrial scale AI, big data and IoT applications.

nD's Application Development Platform

  • Bi-Directional Data Connectors

    All disparate data sources, e.g. IoT, CRM, enterprise systems, 3rd party, are seamlessly and bi-directionally connected to the nD platform

  • Unified Federated Data Model

    Data from all data sources and in all formats are transformed into a common canonical form

  • Data Services

    All data is normalized, profiled, cached and sampled to support rapid discovery, visualization, modeling and application development

  • Data ServicesManagement Services

    Provide security, collaboration, role management, model management and version control

  • Analytic & AI Services

    A comprehensive set of math tools and libraries to support the most advanced AI, big data and IoT applications

  • Application Development Services

    A set of code-free designers that are natural and intuitive for all levels of users, while also providing a comprehensive nD Math language for power users

  • nD Frameworks

    Automated workflows that enable customers to rapidly design, develop and deploy standard application types which extract business value from real-time data streams