Product Benefits

nD provides a single platform that abstracts technical complexity allowing multidisciplinary teams to design, develop, deploy and operate AI, big data and IoT applications 10x faster.

The nD platform is an object-oriented architecture which creates an abstraction layer between complex and evolving AI, big data and IoT technologies and the multidisciplinary teams required to build impactful business applications. Data scientists, data engineers, application developers, business analysts and end users all collaborate on the same platform with the same data.

Whether using the nD Studio, nD Frameworks or nD API, nD Objects are the building blocks for everything. The nD Studio provides code-free designers that are natural and intuitive for all users, while also providing a comprehensive nD Math language for power users. The nD Frameworks automate common workflows enabling customers to rapidly design, develop, deploy and operate industrial scale applications that drive business value from real-time data streams. The nD API can be used to fully integrate all nD solutions into existing products and services.


The nD platform provides the following benefits:

Rapidly design, develop, deploy and operate AI, big data and IoT applications; 10x Faster
Intuitive object oriented language for full-stack development
Fully data-driven; everything in the platform just transforms data
Multi-disciplinary collaboration; shared normalized data structures and libraries
Future-proofed application; shielded from evolving technologies
Full API; easy enterprise-wide integration into existing products and services
Edge analytics; support for on-premises appliances and embedded algorithms
Accelerated community adoption; comprehensive interactive documentation tools
Customizable and extensible; everything is an nD Object controlled by nD Math
Solve one problem at a time and incrementally build out your data model vs. boil the ocean
Get the most of the skill sets you have and rapidly evolve them into the skill sets you need