Product Overview

We help companies extract enterprise value by embedding prediction, optimization, adaptive planning, monitoring, diagnostics and custom AI, big data and IoT applications into products and services across the entire business value chain.

The Digital Age has left companies data rich and information poor.  Cloud, big data and AI technologies are advancing at an unprecedented pace; forcing businesses to either become disruptors... or get disrupted.  Legacy technology platforms are incapable of driving transformational value, as required by customer demand for smart, connected products and services.

To become disruptors, products and services need to incorporate AI across every aspects of the business value chain, including:

Supply Chain

Asset Management


Service & Support

Energy Management

Fraud Detection



Process Control

Demand Forecasting

Financial Planning


The nD platform accelerates the incorporation of AI, big data and IoT solutions into products and services by helping companies quickly apply a set of solution frameworks throughout the business value chain. The following nD Frameworks are combinable, customizable automated workflows which enable users to rapidly design, develop, deploy and operate industrial scale applications that drive business value from real-time data streams:


Predict operating events and business outcomes before they actually occur.


Closed-loop real-time control of business outcomes within operating constraints.

Adaptive Planning

Continuously re-evaluating forward-looking strategies to maximize enterprise value.


Leverage data and sensors to detect operating anomalies and events.


Quickly classify the root cause of operating events to identify remediating actions.

Custom Applications

Leverage the nD platform to build any AI, big data and IoT applications.

nD provides a single platform that abstracts technical complexity allowing multidisciplinary teams to design, develop, deploy and operate AI, big data and IoT applications:



Future Proofed

Enterprise Scale