Introducing nD: Big Power from a NeuroSolutions Perspective

We recently announced our acquisition of NeuroDimension, Inc., the developers of the neural network software NeuroSolutions.  Now we’d like to start the conversation of what nD is and how it will benefit NeuroSolutions users and everyone else with data in need of solutions!

The Cloud: Access, Collaboration and Scalability

First, let’s start with the most asked about difference – instead of being desktop software, the nD platform is on the Cloud and that’s a really good thing. Gone are the days of installing and updating software on one or more computers while having to manage licenses between machines. With nD, you can login from any web browser, on any computer, with any operating system and instantly access your data, work, and results from anywhere. You’ll always be working with the latest version and the latest features. And, if you’re working in a team, you can collaborate on your projects from start to finish.

But by far the biggest benefit of working on the Cloud is scalability. nD is backed by Amazon’s AWS Cloud Computing Services, a secure, powerful network of computers all at your disposal. With it, you can now work on any size data, from spreadsheets to petabytes, while taking advantage of the latest machine learning algorithms and parallel processing.

Machine Learning: Beyond Neural Networks

NeuroSolutions users are already familiar with the power of neural networks and their associated technologies. But those technologies make up just one part of the field of machine learning. Neural networks have grown in size and complexity, giving rise to deep learning. Meanwhile, other approaches such as random forest learning based on decision trees, support vector machines, and other algorithms have continued to improve and mature. Many of these newer technologies provide faster, more accurate, and more robust results.

With nD on the Cloud, you can apply the right set of technologies to get the best results for your  data. Easily compare the results of classic neural networks with the latest random forest searches and deep learning techniques. Intelligent wizards choose the best set of tools for your problem type and requirements and combine them automatically into the best possible solution. Or, you can take control of any level of the experience from selecting which algorithms are used to writing your own custom processing with nD’s expressive math language. Don’t worry, though – if your NeuroSolutions neural network model is irreplaceable, you can replicate your results in nD in a snap!

Ultimately, the Cloud is just one thing that makes nD a more powerful approach to creating solutions from your data. Like NeuroSolutions, nD will also feature an Excel™ interface which provides a great transition from the experience you are used to with NeuroSolutions and get you into the nD platform seamlessly. With nD, you will be able to quickly create powerful, enterprise-grade web applications that utilize your data and machine learning models in beautiful, dynamic dashboards that update automatically. Or, incorporate your results directly into your own applications using approaches similar to the NeuroSolutions Custom Solution Wizard and code libraries. With nD, your data just became more valuable.

We look forward to taking you on a deeper exploration of the nD platform in coming segments and hope you will continue to follow along with us on this journey to the release.



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