PSM and nDimensional Showcase Data Insights at PSM Asset Managers Conference

Jupiter, FL (Feb. 8, 2022) — nDimensional joined PSM’s 14th Annual Asset Managers Conference in Jupiter, FL for a series of roundtable sessions to get customer feedback on PSM’s latest gas turbine Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) service advances, including plans for a customer-facing, nD-powered Data Insights application.

PSM has been using the nD digital twin platform to extend its leading M&D services to provide more accessible and actionable intelligence. This includes packaging PSM domain expertise with machine learning (ML) models to create live gas turbine digital twins that improve PSM’s understanding of fleet performance, emissions and risk. PSM is also using nD to develop a Data Insights application that will allow its M&D customers to directly interact with their data through web-based dashboards that present engineering analyses in ways that are understandable, contextualized and action-oriented. This will enable PSM and its customers to collaboratively problem solve to increase the speed, efficiency and transparency of value delivery.

During the Data Insights Roundtables, nDimensional supported PSM as it provided an update and got customer feedback on its advanced M&D capabilities including progress and plans for the Data Insights application. PSM noted how augmented intelligence, i.e., the integration of domain expertise and AI, will enable it to tackle even tougher customer problems and to get more predictive in addressing potential issues.