nDimensional Introduces Turnkey Performance And Maintenance Digital Twin Solutions

nDimensional, provider of the nD digital twin platform for industrial transformation, introduced three turnkey digital twin solutions that enable asset-intensive industries to rapidly realize digital twin benefits. These predictive performance management, prescriptive maintenance and process optimization solutions are data-driven, relying on AI rather than physics-based models as the starting point for creating digital twin value.

nDimensional’s turnkey solutions harness auto AI wizards as well as pre-built application frameworks and dashboards to make next generation performance and maintenance benefits available to heavy asset owners and operators who lack development time or resources.

“Even though the nD platform makes it easy for non-programmers to codify domain expertise, incorporate engineering models, and deploy AI-powered digital twin applications, some customers need a faster and lighter starting point”, said Curt Lefebvre, nD’s founding director and CEO. “Turnkey twins are all about speed to value. Many twin applications can be up and delivering benefits in several weeks with an average return on investment of several months. They can be expanded at any time to incorporate engineering models and expert rules.”

nD’s turnkey digital twin solutions include:

Predictive Performance: nD’s Predictive Performance application goes beyond monitoring what’s happening to predicting future performance. It harnesses the latest machine learning technology to dynamically understand normal performance, detect anomalies, quantify potential root causes, and predict future performance issues and their outcomes. Benefits include risk mitigation, productivity enhancements and key performance indicator improvements.

Prescriptive Maintenance: nD’s turnkey Prescriptive Maintenance application goes beyond predicting failures to prescribing remedial actions. It continuously collects data about an asset’s condition and predicts when a failure is likely to occur. It estimates the failure’s impact, determines potential root causes and provides outcome-focused recommendations to minimize negative impacts. Benefits include reducing unplanned downtime, extending asset life and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs.

Process Optimization: nD’s turnkey Process Optimization application goes beyond controlling operations to dynamically optimizing them to achieve business goals. It constantly searches for ways to optimize outcomes by adjusting operating variables within constraints. It predicts operating events and their impacts and balances interrelated actions against their collective effect. Benefits include real-time operations improvements, streamlined processes and efficiency gains.

For more information contact Jennifer James at jjames@nd.com.