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Agility, Resilience, Sustainability.

Why for Energy?

The energy sector – spanning the production, storage and distribution of electricity, oil and gas – is transforming. Decarbonization, climate resilience and electrification pressures are driving the transition to a more diverse, distributed and complex energy system. nD-powered digital twins help electricity and gas providers successfully manage this transition. Digital twins improve operational transparency and agility and inform transformation planning.

Top Use Cases:

  • Predictive performance
  • Predictive asset management
  • System health scoring & root cause diagnostics
  • Compliance forecasting
  • Process optimization
  • Agile resilience planning
  • Data-driven transformation planning, e.g., renewable integration, grid modernization, electrification
  • Market risk mitigation, e.g., informing day-ahead bidding
Select Case Studies

Gas Turbine Digital Twins

Renewable Energy Planning

Optimizing Operational and Market Bid Decisions

Monitoring & Diagnostics