PSM Launches New Gas Turbine Digital Twin Product Powered By nD

Jupiter, FL (January 31, 2023) — nDimensional joined PSM’s 15th Annual Asset Managers Conference in Jupiter, FL, where PSM announced its beta launch of a new customer-facing digital twin offering, Data Insights.

PSM, a Hanwha company, delivers innovative clean energy solutions to power plants worldwide, including monitoring and diagnostics as well as equipment manufacturing and repair services across a large fleet of customer gas turbine power plants.

Data Insights is a new PSM digital offering, powered by nD, that makes it easy for PSM and its customers to navigate vast quantities of plant data and analysis to quickly see which gas turbines need attention and to diagnose why. Data Insights continuously benchmarks the health of each customer engine relative to itself, to that customer’s other engines, and to the entire PSM-monitored fleet. It aggregates many normalized key performance indicators (KPIs) to create thermal performance, reliability risk and emissions health scores. This allows PSM and its customers to quickly understand what engines in their respective fleets are deviating from expectation, in what health category and for which KPIs.

It then enables them drill into the live digital twin for that engine to demystify and diagnose issues using contextualized, domain expert-curated visual analytics. This sponsors faster, more collaborative problem solving, and improves many critical aspects of GT operations.

The beta launch is a follow up to the 2022 Asset Managers Conference, where PSM announced its plans for the Data Insights product and sought customer input. A year later, the product is live and in use by PSM. PSM is now seeking initial beta customers to provide hands-on feedback as it continues to expand and enhance the offering.