nD – A Platform for Scaling Digital Twins

nD is a full-lifecycle platform for scaling digital twin benefits across industrial enterprises. We use AI and standardization to automate many of the processes associated with digital twin creation, integration, deployment and management. nD empowers domain experts and data scientists alike to solve industrial-scale business challenges with ease and speed. We Manage Complexity, You Deliver Value.

Automation and Intelligence Across The Digital Twin Lifecycle

Scaling digital twins requires automating many of the messy processes throughout the digital twin lifecycle. It takes standardization, AI-driven workflows and a seamlessly-integrated user experience. It takes nD.

full lifecycle4
Ease And Speed Meet Power and Scale

nD integrates best-in-class technologies to pack enough power to tackle the biggest data-driven challenges while shielding users from technical complexity so they can focus on what’s important - delivering value.


nD democratizes digital twins with code-free development, structured workflows, twin templates and turnkey twin applications.


AI-driven workflows, real-time analytics and lightning-fast processing ensure fast, efficient digital twin deployment and speed to value.


nD digital twins are powered by AI to go beyond monitoring what’s happening to predicting what’s next, prescribing what to do and optimizing actions in real-time.


Integrate and rapidly roll out twins across enterprises with hyper-automation. Process and run analytics on unlimited data volumes and velocities with nD’s stream and batch clusters.