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The Custom Solution Wizard is a tool that will take an existing neural network created with NeuroSolutions and automatically generate and compile a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). This allows you to easily incorporate neural network models into your own applications.

You are also given the option of creating a shell for any of the following programming environments:

This shell provides sample code to give you a starting point for integrating the generated DLL into your application.

The generated neural network DLL provides a simple protocol for assigning the network input and producing the corresponding network output. Furthermore, the Developers level of the Custom Solution Wizard supports learning. This allows you to train the generated neural network and/or retune the network after gathering new data. Embedding a custom neural network into your application could not be any easier!

Click here to download the full installation of NeuroSolutions, which contains a demo of the Custom Solution Wizard.

Click here for pricing! and New 4.0 features!


  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP
  • NeuroSolutions v4
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0/6.0

Note: Knowledge of Visual C++ is not required since this compiler is used "behind the scenes" to create the neural network DLL.

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