Data comes from many places – in all shapes and sizes, and it’s rarely pretty.

Data sitting in spreadsheets and files. On-premises data locked in databases and big data stores. Web data behind REST services and API calls. Internet-of-Things (IoT) data streaming real-time from devices.

With nD, data preparation is no longer the most time consuming part of the analytics process. Quickly and easily prepare data with confidence, and save your data transformations for collaboration and reuse. Get to the fun stuff faster.

Make data cleansing and preprocessing a seamless part of your analytic workflow. That’s just smart (and efficient… and productive.)

Data is imported into the nD Directory from any variety of sources where it becomes a collaborative analytics asset.


Once connected, nD profiles and prepares the data for an intuitive and responsive end-user experience through the nD Studio or API. Once added to the nD Directory, it is now part of an organized, searchable library for reuse allowing users to immediately locate and gather any raw or processed data based on its metadata.

The nD Studio Environment:

The nD Studio is where new self-service assets are built. The nD Studio allows users to work on projects that import, prepare,  visualize, analyze and model their data and then develop full-featured business applications to share their insights.

At the heart of the Studio experience is a set of intuitive wizards which automate the entire workflow for building data-driven applications. The user can import and prepare data, visualize, analyze and model, even create interactive dashboards without having to  know how to use nD Math. This allows users to quickly benefit from the enhanced data insights provided by data science without having to know all the details.

For users needing more control, the wizards provide a gateway to the nD Math language. Every wizard generates nD Math which can be reviewed and modified. Want to extend a visual or perform custom processing? Simply modify the nD Math generated by the wizard or enter it directly. Want the wizards to have additional functionality? Customize them using the nD Math language. Everything about the nD platform and nD Studio is designed for extensibility.

And since the nD Studio is built on the nD Directory, the nD Studio is made for collaboration. Everything that is imported and created in nD Studio can be shared with other users with complete check-in and check-out version control. And most importantly, anything a user creates within a project can be shared with other users, or themselves, for reuse in other nD Studio projects.

The nD API allows secure access and control of the entire nD platform from outside the web portal. It allows programmers to automatically import and update huge quantities data and perform any of the nD Math operations on it that they could in the nD Studio, from preparation to analysis to modeling.

And like the nD Studio, it’s built on the nD Directory, so assets  updated through the API are automatically updated for all of the  users, whether they are consuming it in nD Studio, generated applications, or other API-based programs.