Deliver data-driven insights and answers without writing a single line of code
(unless you want to).

Let your data do the talking — from KPI dashboards and operational reports to anomaly detectors, optimizers and adaptive plans. Quickly deliver custom applications for internal use or your customers.

Leverage standard calculations and templates from your nD library to increase productivity by building it once, and then deploying it over and over. Seamlessly transition ideas into products that deliver business value.

Control who sees what and when they see it. Confidently move groups of users between alpha, beta and production versions of every application with nD’s domain controls.

Create production applications that deliver
data-driven business value.

Empower users of all experience levels with self-service tools to quickly access and prepare data for analysis. Save data transformations in nD’s asset library for reuse and sharing. Provide IT with structure and controls. Be confident all data sets are secure, maintainable and governed.