The Platform for data-driven business value

Enterprise production applications

Instantly release secure, role-based enterprise
applications that deliver ongoing data-driven value.

Move beyond storyboards

Let your data do the talking. Quickly deliver custom applications using nD’s experiment-driven development environment, and then turn them into standard templates to efficiently roll them out to entire customer segments. Control who sees what and when they see it. Confidently move groups of users between alpha, beta and production versions of every application with nD’s domain controls.

Seamlessly move from idea to production application without writing a single line of code
(unless you want to).

Create powerful, enterprise-grade web applications.

Deliver data-driven information, insights and answers.


Understand what is happening and why.

Big data visualizations

Uncover hidden insights. Use analysis and visualizations to quickly spot trends, outliers and complex patterns in big data

Operational reports

Move beyond static reports with aging data and assumptions. Deliver dynamic reports that update automatically.


Monitor live KPIs at a glance. Create role-based dashboards for key decision makers throughout the enterprise.


Accurately predict future outcomes.


Better understand system performance and risks by simulating the full range of possible outcomes.


Use time series, econometric or machine learning methods to create reliable forecasts based on past data and simulations.

Recommendation systems

Create applications that provide guidance based on real-time data and current best thinking of domain experts.


Make insights actionable.

Alerts & root-cause analysis

Build monitoring and diagnostic applications for real-time operations. Identify issues and root causes quickly, and recommend action.


Embed algorithms in applications to provide supervisory and closed-loop solutions that improve performance objectives.

Adaptive planning

Create tools that update strategic plans against incoming data; reevaluate options more frequently and stay on course.

Transform how you create, share and deliver analytics.