The Platform for data-driven business value

Transform how you create, share and deliver advanced big data analytics.


Access self-service and big data with
ease, optimized for insight and analysis.

Explore & Analyze

Extract value using visualization,
domain knowledge and machine learning.


Create production applications that
deliver data-driven business value.

Ready. Prep. Go.

Make data cleansing and preprocessing a seamless part of your analytic workflow. Empower business users with self-service tools to quickly access and prepare data for analysis. Save data transformations in nD’s asset library for reuse and sharing. Provide IT with structure and controls. Be confident all data sets are secure, maintainable and governed. Start exploring faster.

Get your game on. It’s time to play.

Power meets speed—Cluster technology and in-memory analytics

The nD platform handles big math on big data with ease. Enjoy the power of cluster technology and the speed of in-memory analytics. All data can be cached in-memory on nD’s cluster, enabling lightning fast processing for fast results no matter how big your data is or how complex your analytics are.

nD is software-as-a-service so there’s no hardware set up or IT resources required to be up and running in seconds. Dynamically pay for as little or as much as you need. Seamlessly move data between in-memory, on-disk or archive, allowing you to balance cost versus performance.

Bring it on.

Beauty meets math—truly data-driven visualizations

Create stunning big data visualizations that are as much art as they are science. Access nD’s robust library of 2D and 3D shapes, animations, charts and widgets to quickly visualize any size data with drag and drop ease.

Every property of every nD building block can be assigned through math expressions. Move beyond static, pretty pictures. Create visualizations with meaning, purpose and business value.

Be proud. Share your masterpiece with your team or the world.

Creativity meets sharing—Extensibility abounds

Everything you create in nD can be saved, shared and reused in your nD library. Collaborate with teams as you create valuable assets that can be shared and reused within secure groups—from dashboards, charts and animations all the way down to customized widgets and analytics.

With complete control over the building blocks of your applications, your ever-growing library of assets will help increase speed and productivity.

Share. It’s nice. Productivity is even nicer.

Analytics meets awesome—
powerful math; advanced analytics; machine learning

Naturally move from understanding what is happening and why to predicting future outcomes and prescribing action. No matter what your analytic maturity level is, nD is built to support analysts, engineers and data scientists in one collaboration platform — from powerful math functions through advanced analytics and machine learning.

Achieve analytic agility as you improve productivity and operationalize how you deliver analytics.

It’s all good.

Data meets value—Move beyond storyboards to production applications

Let your data do the talking — from KPI dashboards and operational reports to anomaly detectors, optimizers and adaptive plans. Quickly deliver custom applications for internal use or your customers. Leverage standard calculations and templates from your nD library to increase productivity by building it once, and then deploying it over and over.

Seamlessly transition ideas into products that deliver business value.

The ultimate analytics playground

nD is the ultimate analytics playground for business analysts, data scientists
and engineers. Discover, create and share valuable assets and insights in an
easy-to-use, experiment-driven development environment.

Transform how you create, share and deliver advanced big data analytics.

Analysts, engineers and scientists iterate, innovate and collaborate on one interactive platform.


No set up

Cloud infrastructure ready instantly; be up and running on a cluster in seconds.


Drag and drop visual designer and a natural math language.


Empower business users while satisfying IT with structure and controls.


Quickly visualize and analyze with a few clicks. Get a jump start on data discovery.



Create stunning visualizations that are as much data art as they are data science.


Fast processing no matter how big your data is or how complex your analytics are.

Cluster math engine

Easily execute math, advanced analytics and machine learning on a cluster.


Instantly adjust storage and speed, only paying for what you use.



Share anything you build in secure groups with full control over access privileges.


Edit safely. Everything you build is versioned and source controlled.


Build things that build things. Add extensions to nD’s core building blocks.

100% cloud

Log in from any web browser and collaborate with teams across the globe.

Move from idea to production application faster.