Data-driven business value is our passion.
We bet it’s yours, too.

Who we are

nDimensional is passionate about extracting value from data using artificial intelligence. Our team has been doing it for nearly thirty years. From solving complex problems to uncovering new opportunities, we are committed to helping companies leverage their data to get to a deeper understanding of what’s going on in their business.  Insight is only the first step.  To achieve maximum impact, you need to turn your insight into action.  We partner with industry leaders to maximize the value of their data by adding intelligence to their production systems with our artificial intelligence platform, nD.

What we believe

Big data requires teams with diverse domain expertise to work together as never before. Humans alone, however, cannot tackle big data. The sheer volume, velocity and variety of data makes machine learning an imperative. To gain competitive advantage, organizations must bring together inductive and deductive reasoning from both humans and machines.

About our cloud platform

Today’s cloud technology and advances in machine learning coupled with everyone’s insatiable appetite for collecting and extracting value from data is making it possible to create game-changing software products. And that’s what we did. Meet nD — the ultimate artificial intelligence platform for solving your real-world, complex problems.  Whether your data is batch or streaming, intelligence is required to solve your most challenging problems.  We partner with our clients to ensure their success as they apply the nD platform to add more intelligence to their decisions and operations. 

New, but proven

While our nD product is new, our intellectual property is not. nDimensional technology is currently being used to optimize business and physical processes in real-time across numerous industries. Examples include financial market trading for a variety of asset classes; optimizing the fuel efficiency, emissions and availability of electric power generators; detecting issues and determining root causes in monitoring and diagnostic centers; providing credit card fraud detection, financial evaluation; bankruptcy prediction; authorizing radiology services for insurance companies; using satellite imagery for mapping forest changes and predicting sport injuries and player performance.